Electronic Neon Power Supply
Indoor Type 7


  • 10-foot power cord (3 Pin)
  • Line load regulated (30mA self-adjusting output regardless of load size or input voltage fluctuations)
  • High power factor (energy saving/cost effective)
  • Use with Mercury or Neon
  • Solid state technology
  • 24” H-V Output Leads
  • UL 2161 listed
  • Ground connection via mounting foot and 3-prong plug
  • Open circuit and overload will shut unit down

2-Year Warranty



Input Voltage 120VAC (+/-10%) 50/60 Hz
Input Current 0.3A rms
Power Factor 0.95
Output Frequency Variable
Output Voltage 0V-4,000V
Output Current 30mA
Operating Temperature 32°F to 104°F / 0°C to 40°C
Driving Distance* (Based on Stardard 12mm tube. Deduct one foot from driving footages for each pair of electrodes.)
Neon 1-10 ft (0.03-3.0 m)
Mercury 1-12 ft (0.03-3.7 m)

*See Ventex Luminous Tube Footage Chart for more information.



Length (A) 5.1 in 13.0 cm
Width (B) 1.8 in 4.6 cm
Height (C) 1.40 in 3.6 cm
Mounting (D) 4.50 in 11.4 cm
Mounting (E) 1.20 in 3.0 cm
Weight 20.0 oz 567 g
Power Cord 10.0 ft 3.0 m
GTO Leads 24.0 in 61.0 cm

Exclusive: These units are protected by Ventex’s patented protective circuitry to prevent false tripping due to capacitive current. Patent #5892646