Request an RMA

Before calling Technical Support, please review these common troubleshooting tips, which are typically the cause of the issue in 90% of the cases.

Neon-specific troubleshooting tips:

  1. Make sure the leads or the glass are not touching each other or the backing.
  2. Neon power supplies are meant to trip 3 times. The neon supplies have built-in circuitry that (when a fault occurs) will trip the unit then turn it back on again. If the fault is still there, it will trip again. The unit will do this 3 times. If the fault still exists after the third try, the unit will shut off and not turn back on until the input is reset. The input power will need to be shut off for about 5 seconds to the unit so it can reset.

LED-specific troubleshooting tips:

  1. Do you have power to the unit?
  2. Is the unit connected to a timer?
  3. Never connect 3 wires to a single wire nut. Venbrite is a series-wired LED system, and all that is required is one wire in and one out for each connection.
  4. Follow the arrows printed on the wire. Connect the red power supply lead to + on the first module.
  5. DO NOT TEST LED with any battery. High current from 12- or 24-volt batteries (and 12- and 24-volt Class 2 LED power supplies) will damage Venbrite LED strings.
  6. Cycle the power. If still off, reset by recycling the main power off/on. If still off, check string with another power supply. If still off, troubleshoot for a fault in the wiring (see 4 and 5), find and correct the fault and recycle.

If you have tried the above troubleshooting tips and the unit(s) is still not functioning properly, please fill out the following RMA Request. Note that incomplete or missing information could delay the processing of your request, so please submit accurate information in full.