Use Existing GTO Wiring & Conduit

Neon-to-LED retrofit Return on Investment, or ROI, is a calculation based on the cost of the retrofit divided by the savings per year that will result from the application. The final result is the number of years it will take for the annual savings to pay back the initial investment. Only Rapid Retrofit by Ventex is UL Classified and SAM listed for Neon-to-LED retrofit applications using the existing conduit and GTO wiring in the sign cabinets and the remote transformer box. Installers are experiencing a 30-50% reduction in on-site labor costs, as well as additional wire and conduit cost savings. No rewiring means minimal up front labor and materials costs, thereby maximizing ROI.

  • No Behind the wall wiring required in remote transformer applications
  • Reduced down-time and customer inconvenience during install
  • ROI paybacks that work

Using the existing GTO wiring components will save a work crew time and the sign installer money when retrofitting an old neon sign. Ultimately the business owner will also experience a great deal of savings by the increase in efficiency and longer life of the Ventex LED lighting system.