Experience the Huge Savings of Ventex LED Sign Lighting Systems

Upgrading your old neon sign to the Ventex LED lighting system can save you thousands of dollars. This isn’t marketing bombast but the actual savings experienced by Comfort Suites in Asheville, North Carolina. You can read more about how much they saved below.

When functioning inefficiently, neon sign operating costs can put a serious dent in your budget. Performance of even the best neon signs will deteriorate over time, requiring more frequent service calls, higher energy bills and interruptions to service at the most inopportune times. Electromagnetic neon transformers, long a standard in the industry, are becoming increasingly outdated or obsolete with the advent of electronic neon power supplies and LED sign lighting systems. Today’s LEDs are far and away the sign lighting industry’s most cost effective and energy efficient illumination source, and neon-to-LED retrofits are becoming increasingly critical to the reduction of sign operating costs. But not all LED systems are the same, and not all retrofit systems offer the same benefits. Only one, Rapid Retrofit by Ventex, delivers maximum operating cost and maintenance savings combined with dramatically reduced up front installation costs. No other LED system delivers the huge overall savings the Ventex Rapid Retrofit Neon-to-LED conversion system delivers.

  • The Sign Lighting Industry’s most energy efficient, UL classified Neon-to-LED retrofit system
  • Can use existing GTO and Conduit for minimum installation costs
  • Uses fewer power supplies per foot for power supply cost savings
  • Power supplies can mount up to 175 feet from the first LED, reducing the cost of future service calls