LED Enclosure Box (WET LOCATION)

The Ultimate LED Box for 1 or 2 Power Supplies


  • Meets or exceeds all UL Requirements (SAM Manual) for power supply spacing to other heat producing components (4” & 2” spacing requirements)
  • Simplifies ground requirements for most LED drivers (Equipment Ground Connector already installed)
  • Using our patented side wall clips and clamp system makes mounting power supplies easy (accommodates most used LED drivers) on double power supply box
  • Pilot hole for the special use on/off switch in a convenient place with room to fit all switches available
  • Features a built-in primary barrier to aid in segregating primary wiring from all secondary leads
  • Suitable for use in dry, damp and wet locations
  • Double Box may hold two 120W 12VDC power supplies
  • Use this with our Toggle Switch


Part Number Description Dimensions
VLP-QB-SINGLE Single Box 11.0583 x 5.1704 x 3.6537
VLP-QB-DOUBLE Doouble Box 11.0583 x 8.6029 x 4.7236