Channel Bond Adhesive™

Proprietary product. Use with our #49 Hypo Glue Applicator.


  • For use with polycarbonate and sign trim (CAB) in channel letters
  • Bonds polycarbonate to polycarbonate; acrylic to polycarbonate; sign trim (CAB) to polycarbonate; modified acrylic (DR) to polycarbonate; modified acrylic (DR) to acrylic
  • Quick setting
  • High strength
  • One-part system
  • UL File: E516868



Quart Product Number 86945
Gallon Product Number 86947
Working Time 2-12 minutes
Fixture Time 5-15 minutes
80% Strength 4 hours
Applicator # #49
Shelf Life Unopened 2-12 months
Shelf Life Opened (with top) 2-20 weeks*

*Avoid storing at high room temperatures. Not all components in this adhesive evaporate at the same rate – if the
product will not squirt out of the #49 applicator, it is not good anymore; do not use it. It is recommended to run a
test batch if there are any doubts about it’s storage and condition.

Only ships via Pallet/LTL. Use #49 Hypo Glue Applicator with Channel Bond Adhesive.