Snap Sticks & Accessories

Fluorescent lamps are inexpensive but due to their short life span, having to frequently replace them can be very costly. Snap Stick by Ventex is essentially an led light strip that is easy to install and with the much longer life span of an LED, it greatly cuts down maintenance costs. If you are considering upgrading your old fluorescent sign, Snap Stick should be at the top of your list for an LED upgrade.


With Snap Stick, power supplies can be mounted up to 175 feet from the first LED module. This exclusive feature allows easier access to the power supplies, eliminating costly swing stages, lifts and cranes for service.

Snap Stick is a 98” long, powder coated aluminum extrusion that can be cut to any length, loaded on either one side or two with standard Venbrite LED modules, and snapped into signs with the easy-to-install Snap Clip.

Energy Efficiency is a Snap!

Illuminate your single or double sided box signs with the most reliable, energy efficient LED sign lighting system in the industry – Venbrite. The distance between Snap Sticks, as well as the spacing between modules, can be varied to control the brightness. Snap Stick is compatible with both our Series 100 and Series 200 modules, giving you even more illumination options. An LED light strip that you string into a metal frame that also gives you total control and the ability to adjust the distance between the LEDs. How simple is that?

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